Tell the U.S. Congress to Stop the Deal

Tell the U.S. Congress to Stop the Deal


A deal with the Islamic Regime in Iran (IRI) may be made at the July 20 deadline that would lift sanctions if some limited atomic conditions set by the United States and its allies are met. Those who stand for a secular democracy in Iran and believe that the IRI cannot be reformed have a good chance to stop this deal and avoid its disastrous consequences if they act right now.


There is a congressional call on President Obama to raise the issue of human rights violation in Iran by a group of 36 U.S. Senators and members of the house of representatives.


As reported before, there are 59 U.S. Senators who have introduced a sanctions bill (S 1881) that for the first time includes practical concerns about human rights violation in Iran in its Part 7A.


The European Parliament has also passed a resolution on the EU strategy towards Iran calling for a wide range of actions regarding the human rights violations in Iran.


However, the vital point is that these potential allies are under lobby groups' ferocious attack. Groups such as NIAC have been constantly trying to discredit those who side with the Iranians rather than the Islamic Regime and label them as warmongers. In a recent statement, NIAC calls for pressuring, convincing, or "at least shift a Congressional warmonger from hostility to neutrality"so that the U.S. Congress will "SEAL THE DEAL."


They are after a deal with the Islamic regime. We should counter them by trying our best to stop this and instead SEAL The DEAL with the freedom loving Iranians by imposing a smart sanction on the IRI.  We need to ACT  NOW.



What to do?


1.    Send a prepared letter to the members of Congress through MEHR by using the following link. Your information and your privacy will be protected by MEHR.

      Message To be delivered to: The U.S. Senate and President Barack Obama


2.    Find Your Senators and Representatives

To find your Senators and Representative, enter your ZIP code at the following link.

Find Your Senators and Representatives


3.     Send an email or fax  to your senators urging them to support the sanction bill 1881 and to include the release of  political prisoners at the appropriate time to Part 7A.  You may just copy and  paste the text of the letter in part 1. Contact information  is available on your representatives' website that can be found by searching their name.


4.      Make a phone call to your Representatives’ offices.


We are running out of time and well behind the lobby groups. So, please  act as soon as possible.

Source:پژواک ایران