نامه سرگشاده به امانوئل ماکرون

Dear President Macron,
Today your Foreign Minister is here in Tehran to negotiate with the criminals who are ruling my homeland.
I hope that this journey will not be followed by the shameful policy of Hans Dietrich Gensche , the former German Foreign minister, and Roland Dumas former French Foreign minister, who instigated scandalous transactions of Iran-gate during Regan US presidency.
As everyone can now see that the outdated and sophisticated policy of appeasement has led not only to Iran and its neighbouring countries towards tension and sectarian wars, but has also led to migration of poor Muslim immigrants throughout the world from various Muslim countries which has contributed to the spread of virus of terrorism.
The recent abuses of Khamenei and his regime against Dr Noor Ali Tabendeh, who is fearless judge, university professor and human rights advocate, is another typical example of the continuous "Islamic" regime's invasion of the rights of all Iranian citizens.
The only crime of Dr Tabendeh is that he does not surrender to Khamenei’s tyrannical regime. Over the past thirty years, his followers houses, and places of worship have been burnt or destroyed. In the recent protests, hundreds of his followers where were stopped, beaten, and tortured, many of whom have disappeared or have been killed. These crimes are committed against Dr Tabendeh and his followers, for the sake of breaking the relationship between this peaceful man and the rest of Iranians. In order to force this 90 year old peaceful man to end his non-violent resistance and publicly repent on public television.
Meanwhile, the regime through its secret police continues to infiltration the followers of Dr Tabendeh under the guise of "True Religious Sufis" to plant the seed of disagreement and incongruity amongst the Sufis. 
I as a lawyer, who has had the honour of accompanying Dr Tabendeh, in his defence of the rights of the Iranian people, want to save humanity from the historical disgrace of the "Chamberlain" type policy of appeasement of tyrannical regime of Iran.
Therefore, I ask that you kindly pay attention to the rights of the Iranian people and the dangerous situation that one of its most prominent defenders of human rights in Iran, Dr Tabendeh, is currently facing. Iranians are courageous in fighting this oppressive regime, thus please for the sake of the courageous Iran human right supporters, do not forget Dr Tabandeh and his fight for the freedom of the Iranian nation.
              Mohammad Reza Rouhani, Attorney at law, member of the Bar Association, Tehran

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اقاى امانوئل ماكرون
رئيس جمهورى فرانسه 
      امروز  وزير خارجه شما براى مذاكره با جنايتكاران حاكم بر ميهن من در تهران هستند. 
اميدوارم اين سفر در ادامه سياست ننگين هانس ديتريش گنشر المانى ورونالد دوماى فرانسوى نباشد كه معاملات رسواى ايران گيت ريگان را به بار اورد. 
اينك سياست كهنه ومفتضح مماشات نه تنها ايران وكشورهاى همسايه مارا  به تنش وجنگ هاى فرقه اى سوق داده بلكه همه كشورهاى مسلمان نشين وجوامع فرودست مهاجرين مسلمان را درسراسر جهان به ميكرب تروريسم الوده است. 
تجاوز اخير خامنه اى به حريم قاضى پاكدامن،وكيل شجاع،استاد دانشگاه، دكتر نورعلى تابنده نمونه بارزى است از تجاوز مستمر نظام "اسلامى" به حقوق همه شهر وندان ايران.
تنها گناه اين مرد انست كه تن به ذلت تسليم وتقليد از خامنه اى نمى دهد. طى سى سال گذشته مراكز دوستداران او را سوزانده اند يا ويران كرده اند. هزاران تن از انها باز داشت،صد ها تن مجروح ومعلول ودهها نفر را كشته اند. اين جنايات براى انست كه با قطع رابطه اين مرد با ايرانيان اورا در دهه صد سالگى از مقاومت مسالمت اميز باز دارند وبه توبه "تلويزيونى" بكشانند.همزمان عوامل نفوذى رژيم تحت عنوان "دراويش حقيقت طلب " در بين ياران دكتر تابنده تخم اختلاف وانشعاب مى پاشند. 
من به عنوان يك وكيل دادگسترى كه افتخار همراهى دكتر تابنده را در مقام دفاع از حقوق مردم  ايران داشته ام ارزو دارم براى نجات بشريت از ننگ تاريخى سياست "چمبرلنى "
مماشات گام برداريد . به حقوق ملت ايران و شرايط خطر ناكى كه يكى از برجسته ترين مدافعان حقوق بشر  در ايران اماج ان شده است توجه كنيد. ايرانيان با حرمت به اين پيشكسوت دلير مى نگرند. براى احترام به ملت ايران دكتر تابنده ها را تنها نگذاريد. 
Envoyé de mon iPad.              محمد رضا روحانى وكيل دادگسترى عضو كانون وكلاى داد گسترى مركز (تهران)




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